A NEW way to keep your bait cooler and fresher. It's patented design allows  for a lighter, easier way transport your bait. 

The typical bait coolers are NOT effective!


Other bait coolers and containers are commonly just expanded polystyrene which provides little to no benefit, even when using ice

Includes 2 flexible gel pack can be used when fishing in hot summer days. Keep your bait cool up to 8 hours below 60 F when the outside temp is 85 F. Freeze them overnight! 


If your canoeing the boundary waters, four wheeling, or a professional , you can take the Fishing Buddy cooler anywhere for longer period of time without the worry.

The Fishing Buddy is supplied with everything you need to keep your bait cool up to 10 times longer.

Now you don't have to put your bait in with your food and beverages, or leaving in out in the sun.


                               The Fishing Buddy FLOATS! 



----Insulated cover to help keep the container cool

----The liner seperates the cooling inserts from the bait, removable for cleaning and provides a cutting surface.

----Rope Lock when tightened it will help to keep the lid in place

----The convenient reusable Gel Packs provide a significant improvement over ice, without the watery mess.

----The insulated container provides the proper thermal protection for the cooling inserts.

----The exterior shell provides protection and all instructions and information to keep your bait fresh to catch the best!

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